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1310, 2019

Sandra Durkin will be Presenting at AHLA’s Law and Compliance Institute

October, 2019|

Strategic Health Law’s own Sandra Durkin has been invited to speak at the American Health Lawyers Association’s Health Plan Law and Compliance Institute on November 15, 2019. Sandra will present alongside Archana Rajendra of the Henry Ford System, Health Alliance Plan Health Alliance Plan of Michigan discussing Litigation Trends in the Era of Health Care Reform: Lessons and Opportunities for Health Plans in Understanding, Avoiding, and Resolving Disputes.

1406, 2019

I Would Do It All Again

June, 2019|

I recently had a conversation with an attorney who has a young child. She thanked me for sharing that, when I reflect back as the mom of two boys ages 16 and 11, I am unequivocally glad I kept practicing law after having them. I decided to communicate this feeling more broadly after hesitating at first because it can be an emotional and personal topic and I didn’t want to come across as casting judgment on anyone else.

1306, 2019

Our Plan Focus

June, 2019|

Strategic Health Law’s updated website reflects our Plan Focus. Plan Focus is a mindset and a strategic commitment. We know the health plan industry like it is our own. We serve dozens of health plans, including national, regional, and local carriers. Our clients range in geographic scope from Hawaii, across the continental U.S. from the Pacific Northwest to New England and Florida and including Puerto Rico.

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