Staying compliant is critical to business success. Noncompliance can put the business’ financial security at stake, or at the very least, disrupt operations and distract from your objectives.

We’re here to help you manage the steady ‘drip, drip, drip’ of requirements to fulfill so you can confidently lead your business.

Strategic Health Law attorneys design and implement compliance programs, including the development of policies and procedures. We provide customized compliance training for different audiences, including senior executives, board members, employees, contractors, and sales agents.

When your compliance relies on that of your downstream vendors, we get contracts in place that share the legal risk so they are as motivated as you are to comply.

Compliance Program Audits

We support our clients during CMS program audits, making sure they’re well-prepared to meet the government’s expectations and demands. We also help health plans meet CMS requirements through our own annual Medicare Compliance Program Audits.

Our Compliance Program Audit process is designed to mirror the Compliance Program Effectiveness (CPE) portion of a CMS audit. Our tools reflect the CMS CPE Audit materials, and we emphasize the use of tracer samples to demonstrate compliance so that clients are prepared for this portion of their next CMS Program Audit.

Our goals in Compliance Program Reviews are to:

  • Identify gaps in current compliance programs
  • Prepare clients for CMS Program Audits
  • Help clients enhance their compliance programs to support compliant operational results

At the end of our review, we provide a detailed report with the information needed to act on our recommendations.