Elizabeth B. Lippincott
Elizabeth B. LippincottMANAGING MEMBER
Elizabeth founded Strategic Health Law to help healthcare companies manage risk and maintain compliance, particularly around Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D. Having worked with health plans as both in-house and outside legal counsel for over 20 years, she approaches legal issues with business realities in mind.
Sandra J. Durkin
Sandra J. DurkinMEMBER
Sandra Durkin never shrinks from a challenge, so it’s no surprise that she has made her mark helping her clients resolve high-stakes disputes and thorny legal questions. A persuasive advocate and thoughtful counselor, Sandra delivers well-researched, nuanced legal advice as she guides clients through complex legal and regulatory environments. Sandra draws on her experience as a litigator to help her clients identify legal and regulatory risks and to develop creative and effective approaches to anticipate and avoid disputes.
Katarina Weessies
Katarina WeessiesAssociate
Katarina Weessies feels a natural affinity for the intricacies and implications of health law and enjoys the challenge of explaining technical concepts in clear, relatable language. Her strong communications skills provide clients with much needed peace of mind.
Asha Powell
Attentive, organized, and responsive, Asha is an integral member of the Strategic Health Law team. As the firm’s administrator, project manager and paralegal, she works directly with client administrators, and is readily available to answer their questions.
Liz Hughes
Liz Hughes supports administration, client communications and project management at Strategic Health Law. She also applies her well-honed organizational skills to maintaining smooth, streamlined processes and operations.