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October, 2019
Sandra Durkin will be Presenting at AHLA’s Law and Compliance Institute
Strategic Health Law

Strategic Health Law’s own Sandra Durkin has been invited to speak at the American Health Lawyers Association’s Health Plan Law and Compliance Institute on October 15, 2019. Sandra will present alongside Archana Rajendra of the Henry Ford System, Health Alliance Plan Health Alliance Plan of Michigan discussing Litigation Trends in the Era of Health Care Reform: Lessons and Opportunities for Health Plans in Understanding, Avoiding, and Resolving Disputes.

October, 2019
Consider the Power of Tactical Empathy
Ursula Taylor Co-Author for Law360

As lawyers, we are taught the path to success is through demonstrations of force or outward aggression. We should confidently articulate what we want, leave little or no room for alternative viewpoints (since they are necessarily inferior) and resort to fear and threats to gain acquiescence.

September, 2019
2020 Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines Updates
Strategic Health Law

Compliance with the 2020 Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines (MCMGs) is a priority for every Medicare Advantage and Part D plan. CMS first released a redlined draft of the 2020 MCMGs on March 21, 2019. On August 6, 2019, CMS issued an HPMS memorandum summarizing the final changes to the MCMGs for the 2020 contract year. Strategic Health Law has confirmed with CMS that the August 6 HPMS memo includes all of the updates that are to be incorporated into the MCMGs for 2020. For convenience, Strategic Health Law has prepared an unofficial redline of the 2019 MCMGs reflecting the revisions for 2020, a copy of which is available on our website.

June, 2019
Proposed Part D e-Prescribing Transaction Standard
Emily Moseley

CMS just issued a new proposed Part D rule, which would create a new transaction standard for Part D e-prescribing and prior authorization request and response transmissions (or “ePA transaction standard”).

June, 2019
Our Plan Focus
Elizabeth Lippincott

Strategic Health Law’s updated website reflects our Plan Focus. Plan Focus is a mindset and a strategic commitment. We know the health plan industry like it is our own. We serve dozens of health plans, including national, regional, and local carriers. Our clients range in geographic scope from Hawaii, across the continental U.S. from the Pacific Northwest to New England and Florida and including Puerto Rico.

March, 2019
Combining Strengths to Serve Our Clients
Strategic Health Law

At Strategic Health Law, we consider ourselves some of the luckiest lawyers in the world to have this team of outstanding and genuinely collaborative professionals. Our 2019 retreat at the Siena Hotel in Chapel Hill focused on our individual experience and strengths, using the Clifton Strengths Finder, and how we can combine them to maximize the value we bring to our clients.

February, 2019
Welcome Lori Benso and Sandra Durkin
Strategic Health Law

We’re excited to announce that two new attorneys are joining the Strategic Health Law team - Lori Benso and Sandra Durkin!