Our Philosophy

Knowing the law is just the beginning. Implementing federal and state regulations is where the rubber meets the road, and lawyers who can’t see the law in context can only get you so far.

You need team players that can communicate with people at every level of your organization because they know your business. Strategists who understand your resources and operations, and help you move your business forward while staying compliant. Truth-tellers who identify issues, keep problems small, and help you mitigate risk. That’s us.

Real people who speak your language

When you work with us, we become part of your legal and compliance team, deepening the bench and expanding your knowledge base. We’re available to train your internal talent on the regulatory environment so they can be more self-sufficient. To be effective team players means being professional and accessible, but also friendly and approachable. In fact, one of the greatest compliments we received followed a training session on a highly complex issue: “You don’t speak government-ese!” 

Nothing matters more to collaborating than clear communication. When we talk with any group in your organization, whether it’s made up of board members, executives, senior managers, or front-line employees and their supervisors, we make the complex comprehensible. Compliance officers and in-house counsel use our analysis to reinforce their case to their leadership. We craft straightforward contract templates and policies that your employees can easily understand and immediately put to use.

We see the forest . . . and the trees.

Staying compliant is critical to business success. Complicated, sometimes overlapping or conflicting laws and regulations don’t make it easy. Our clients face challenges like retooling systems to meet new requirements and achieving smooth handoffs between operational areas and vendors.

To advise on the costs and benefits of different strategies, we dig deep into the details while keeping the big picture in focus. We devote a lot of time keeping up with legal and regulatory developments that affect our clients. As a result, we toggle easily between the granular level of regulations and agency guidance, and the broader context of policy priorities and industry trends. Post-analysis, we distill complex information into a form you can use to make the decisions that are best for your business.

Confidence helps everyone sleep at night.

Noncompliance can put the business’ financial security at stake, or at the very least, disrupt operations and distract from your objectives. We’re here to help you manage the steady ‘drip, drip, drip’ of requirements to fulfill so you can confidently lead your business. When your compliance relies on that of your downstream vendors, we get contracts in place that share the legal risk with them so they are as motivated as you are to comply.

The laws may be complicated, but our approach is simple: Do things right the first time, avoid legal problems, and when they do arise, minimize the damage and prevent them from happening again.